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Professor Zhang Ping, Intellectual Property Law

Zhang Ping is a Yahoo-Founder Chair Professorship Professor of Law School in Peking University and executive director of Intellectual Property School,director of the Internet Law Center of PKU. She was once visiting scholar of Washington University in 1989 and Stanford University in 2017-2018, researcher of IIP in Tokyo in 2001. Her research interests are intellectual property law and internet law. She has participated some key projects including National Outline for Medium and Long Term S&T Development; Outline of the National Intellectual Property Strategy; Internet Based legislation Research; Patent Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Law revision research. Her recent interest are intellectual property rights protection and application in internet opening innovation, the conflict and balance of company’s patent interests and public benefits in standard settings and related antitrust issues, legal issues of personal information in big data.

She currently serves other organization, including Vice-chairman and Secretary General of the China Law Association on Science and Technology; Vice-chairman of the China Intellectual Property Society and Vice-chairman of the Intellectual Property Law Association. She was a Invited Consultant of the Supreme people's Court; expert member of the intellectual property Court of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou; expert member of SIPO etc.