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Korea University’s International Communication Held Successfully

The students of Korea University visited Peking University Law School on July 11th, and the ceremony of “ the scholarship award of Competition law” was successfully held in Koguan Building. The former principal of Korea university Li Jixiu, Law School dean Shen Ronggao, the deputy party secretary of Peking University Law School Piao WenDan, the president of academic and cultural exchange association in Korea Shen Jingshu, professor of Peking University Wang Cheng, Xue Jun, Yang Ming, and the secretary-general of law application center of Alibaba Shen Xinwang attended the ceremony. Professor Xiao Jiangping hosted the ceremony.

"Competition law scholarship" is established by the Professor Li Jixiu. It aims to reward the master graduate student of Peking University Law School. Dr Shen Jingshu announced the winners. Both leaderships and teachers awarded the prize for the winning students.

Dong Yun made the ebullient speech and she hoped that us students can serve as a "send person rose". The donors Li Jixiu hoped the scholarship can motivate the students to study hard. The deputy party secretary Piao Wendan expressed appreciation and thanks.

As part of the visit exchanges, Professor Xiao Jiangping, the director of the center of Competition law, gave a lecture to all the students and took part in the communication with the students of Korea University.

Then all of the teachers and the students took group photos in front of the Koguan Building.

( Written by: Guo Huiyang; Dong Yun; Chen Fei; Li Zeyu; Su Zeyu )

Translated by: Bian Jiahuan
Edited by: Zhou Yingzi