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Hai Zi

Hai Zi

- The Poet of PKU.

(class of 1983)

Haizi, originally named Zha Haisheng, was born in May 1964 in Gao Hezha Wan out of the city of Anqing, Anhui Province. At the age of 15, he got admitted to PKU Law Department in 1979,. He began to write the poetry in 1982. A year later, he became a teacher in the Department of Politics in Peoples University.

He successively published poems such as “The rivers”, “The legend”, “But water, water”, “The old man in the corn field” (with Xichuan), “The sun, web break article”, “The sun, selection of the heaven”, as well as the long poem “The field” (published by Chunfeng Publisher), “ Chorus by the sun and heaven”. In 1988, he completed one of the ceremonial poetic drama trilogy “In a split second”. On March 26th, 1989, he committed suicide tragically near Shan Hai Guan in Hebei Province. His talent and creativity remain a legacy for Chinese Parnassus.

Haizi won the special award of the first PKU Art Feast Wusi Literature awards, the honors of the 3rd “October” Literature awards. Part of his artifacts has been included into about 20 kinds of chapbooks, while nearly two-million-word's poems, scripts, novels and dissertations which he left are still to be edited and published.