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Qin Yuxiu

Qin Yuxiu

- participated in the claim for Iraq War

(class of 1987)

Claiming for Iraq War on behalf of her enterprise before she was 30
Participating in the claim for Iraq War can be her most precious and unforgettable experience since Qin graduated from PKU law school and joined the head office of Zhongjian Corporation.
When the Gulf War broke out on 1990, Iraq, where the major program items of Zhongjian Corporation located in, suffered a lot-project progress was paused, staff members were evacuated, project documents were left there, project payment, of course, couldn't be collected.
In 1992, the United Nations founded a special committee on the claim for Iraq War. The committee appeals that the countries, corporations, and individuals who suffered loss in the war should claim compensation. At that time, the Ministry of External Economy and Trade set up a special group on claim compensation, which requests domestic corporations that related to the event set up same groups. To set up the group, one condition is necessarily required—there has to be at least one group member that majors in law. Luckily, Qin, at her 20s', joined one of these groups. The groups are mainly devoted to 2 aspects—claim of individuals and claim of corporations. Before the war, there were more than 2000 employees working in Iraq and Kuwait.
According to the regulations of the UN, each one can get compensation of $4000,and the total amount of compensation for individuals is about 8 million dollars. With effort, the compensation arrived the individuals in time.
Claim of corporations is a tougher work. The UN assigned lots of material that needs to be filled in. Unfortunately, at that time, the original project documents were left in Iraq and Kuwait, which were in the cold war and very dangerous to go. For the sake of her corporation, Qin and her no more than twenty colleagues of the group went to Iraq and Kuwait. They worked there from October, 1992 to March, 1993. Because of the sanction upon Iraq imposed by the UN, the living environment there was quite hard. After an effort of 4 months sorting the data, the group successfully handed in the document to UN .The documents were translated from Arabic into English and fully filled nearly 20 big boxes
In 2001, the review hearing of the special committee of UN ran into an essential stage. 10 years after the claim, Zhongjian Corporation got compensation of $ 30,780,000(about 250 billion RMB).
From this experience, Qin started to have close contact to common law, and deeply realized the importance of sturdy evidence for a claim. That established a foundation for her career on enterprise legal affairs.

Her “state-owned enterprise complex” lasted 18 years
From a employee in the research room of the corporation to the general manager of the legal department, Qin has witnessed the legalization progress of the large-scale state-owned enterprise, while she continued her own progress.
She said, at the beginning, the boss wrote someone letter of authority with no authority nor time limit, a bit like “you act, I'm at easy” . Professionals joked that, someone can even sell the corporation with the letter of authority legitimately.
Now the work of legal department is quite formal, involving : the negotiation and the drafting, reviewing and modifying documents of legal affairs such as management of company engineering projects, stock transfer, investment management, loan guarantee, the sale and rental of houses; providing legal risk analysis on significant business decisions such as business combination, separation, restructuring and transfer of assets ; dealing with domestic litigations and overseas disputes, etc.
Qin went though the 18 years step by step. As a Peking University law school graduate, and at a time when attorney is highly paid, Qin stayed in the same corporation for 18 years, which seems unimaginable to the young now. Faced with so much temptation, she always has clear understanding and judge of herself, ”The company's strength and position in the field, the attention of the leaders ,the broad platform for work, the space for growth, the good working environment and so on, has made me passionate and work for the corporation with sureness. On the other hand, the working experience enriched me on a large scale in turn”. It is her deeply rooted “state-owned enterprise complex” that makes Qin a professional personnel on both business and management.
Qin regrets that she hasn't studied abroad,so she lacks of academic expansion and a broad horizon in contrast with her schoolmates who had settled abroad. And she is not as better of as them.
However, she thinks she has gained other things. As she said, the company's strength and position in the field has provided he with a broad platform for work, and the working experience enriched her on a large scale in turn. For example, Zhongjian corporation has participated in the alteration of Construction Code which started in 2004 and is led by the Ministry of Construction, as a representative of the construction companies. When the interpretation of the law applicable to a number of issues on contract disputes in project construction was drafted, the Supreme People's Court also had close contact and communication with Zhojian Corporation. These give her incomparable advantage over her classmates abroad.

QinYuxiu, manager of the Law Affair Department of Zhongjian Company, senior economist.
Since 1987 she graduated from Law Department (focusing on Economic Law) Peking University, she has worked in the biggest construction engineering contracting corporation in China—China State Construction Engineering Corporation —dealing with law affairs.
She once joined the pursuit of war compensation in Iraq according to the requirement of the UNCC (United Nation Compensation Commission)She also joined the negotiations concerning the management of company engineering projects , stock transfer, the management of investments ,loan guarantee , the trade of real estates, and tenancy. Besides she carries out the drafts the examinations and amendments of the legal documents concerning those items. Included in her working areas is providing the analyses of law risks of the grand managing decision on division, merger, the transformation of ownership or property transfer of an enterprise. In her working days ,she directly has dealt with or led more than thirty domestic suits and foreign arbitrations and the subject matter involved approximates a billion, avoid or save more than a hundred million of economic losses. 
She is now an expert arbitrator of construction engineering and real estate in CIETAC (Chinese International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission) and works as a counselor-at-law with a national certificate and once worked as a lawyer also with a certificate authorized by country.
In May 2005, she was selected “national outstanding counselor-at-law on construction engineering in the year 2004”