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Sa Beining

(class of 1999, 2002)

When people talked about Sa Beining, they might think of him as an anchor for the Law Today show on CCTV, a champion of the National Presenter Competition, or a master of Peking University Law School and so on. Although he is young, his name is vigorous on newspaper, TV programs and we may find he has a good start in his age group.

The King of Lecture Competitions in Middle School Years
Sa has been a activist since he studied at the 19th Middle School of Wuhan, for he always took part in many kinds of evening parties, speech competitions and other activities. When he was in Junior Two, he became the vice-chairman of the Students Union and got the first prize in a speech competition in Wuhan, which leading to a result that he gradually became good at speech and can always get the first prize. As a result of this, when students in other schools took part in the speech competition, they may invariably asked whether Sa would join in or not as if he could always be the champion. During that time, little Sa even dreamed of being a speaker.
After the Secondary School Entrance Exam, although Sa successfully entered a key school of Hubei Province, he was busy taking part in many cultural activities. Once he even served as the dancer, the singer, the talker and the host of the 12? ceremony, making him a colorful figure in the school.
In Sa's high school years, his ambition were Beijing Film Academy or Central Academy of Drama. In the winter holiday before the National University Entrance Exam, he worked as a student who was exceptionally skilled in literature and art to join in the winter camp which was held by Peking University. Short after that, he participated in the centralized exam for the skilled students held by Peking University and done a good job, so he finally received the letter of admission in Peking University. Because of his advanced success, his main work at school was not study any more, but to help clean the school and assist other students to do what he could do before graduation.

An activate in Peking University
In Sa's memory, social activities seemed to take a large part in university years. He felt it a little ashamed that his most impressing memory about university life was not a teacher or a class, just as the other good students thought. Actually, Sa spent lots of time on many sorts of campus activities, including the broadcaster, the campus choir and the drama club which cooperated with Ying Da. In Sa's opinion, university students should learn to communicate with various kinds of people, for we might broaden our horizon in this way and receive something good from others.
Sa still perform well in his study trip and he possessed such a high credit that he was recommended for admission to the Peking University Law School to continue his study trip as a law master. As everyone knows, Peking University Law School had a strict request for the non-exam masters, which only permitted the first ten students to enter without centralized exam. At that time, Sa was only the 12nd students in his grade. However, it is all his previous contributions in the extra-curriculum fields that finally helped him got the admission, for he had led the Peking University Choir to won the first prize in the international choral competition which had been held in Spain.
All went smoothly as Sa thought. Sa had expected to continue his study trip to learn more rather than directly went out to the society. He always thought that he had not received so much in his undergraduate years that it might be a little dangerous to go out for work, just as he himself said, "it is better to stay at school three more years?"

Master at Law Today
The TV program Law Today has started to be prepared in July, 1998. It seemed that a lawyer was more appropriate for the job, but in fact, lawyer might be too busy to accomplish the program for its social status and income. Because of this, the crew finally decided to find a law student to try this job. Sa was recommended by the teachers in Peking University Law School. His abundant accumulated extra-curriculum experiences and high score finally gain him the chance. Although the crew thought him a little younger to competent for the job, his first official trial was satisfactory that he got the job at last and became the official host of the program, which making him the most popular legal program host in China.
Law Today has provided a wonderful growing space to Sa, for it supplied a chance for him to go through a process which started at the beginning of the program and gradually improved. Not only did the experiences to talk with the law experts has given him a more profound comprehension of law, but it also taught him what the enchantment of law is. Besides, the program experiences has largely boarded his vision and gave him lots of knowledge which the textbooks did not provided. During those first three years, he himself has hosted more than 300 periods, more than vivid 700 cases were introduced by him and the two other hosts. All in all, Sa benefited a lot from Law Today.

Together with Law Today forever
Law Today is on the way towards maturity with a rising audience rating and an expanding influence. But Sa Beining has his own dissatisfaction. The making of Law Today includes such steps as finding subjects, deciding on a subject, journalist reporting, further processing, commenting in the studio, integral integrating. But he can only participate in the studio period. The story was reported and developed by others. He saw it for several times, abstracted some points out of it and invited relevant guests to make comments on them. He has a feeling of chewing things eaten by others and can not exploit his knowledge to the full extent. He believes only by talking to the involved parties on the scene and feeling their real voices can he make his remarks more objective, have more room for the exertion of the materials and avoid clich like "I wish likes will not happen again?"
The national emcee competition included a part of requiring candidates to make a program in CCTV all by themselves. The program then was screened and viewers all around the nation can show their pros and cons. He was very proud of and satisfied with his own work, because he took part in every lines of it from finding subjects to interview and inviting guests. He believes that should be his developing direction.
Some people questioned whether he will leave Law Today, and he resolvedly denied it. The program has became a part of his life, he was prepared to show the spirit to perfect the program that "To employ a decade to sharpen the sword?"
Such is Sa Beining, a student and emcee quite different from average ones.