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Project Enrolment of Human Rights Master’s Degree in Law School of Peking University, 2014

In order to cultivate professionals in the field of human rights, the 11th Master’s Degree Project of Human Rights Law ,which is held by both Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Research Center of  Peking University Law School and Rolle Wallenburg Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Research Institution of Lund University Sweden, is going to start up, with the approval of Peking University Law School. Since the 1st project enrolment in 2004, we have hold the following 10 projects every year successfully. The project has gained public’s praise and the graduates are highly regarded by many human rights institutions and universities at home and abroad.
We prefer students from Law School and other arts faculties. Capable students from science and engineering faculties who have strong interests in human rights law are also wanted. We enroll 25 students every year, the applicants should be two-year postgraduates entered school in 2013, or three-year postgraduates entered school in 2012. Senior students that have got postgraduate recommendation and doctoral students that have abundant time can also apply, their credits of related courses that have been taken can be included in the project’s credit hour. We also encourage students from other universities to apply for the project as guest students.
The project will set up eight courses, Chinese and English. The courses cover human rights and rule of law, business and human rights, lecture on human rights protection, international humanitarian law and so on. The courses are mainly taught by Chinese and foreign teachers of Peking University School of Law, Besides, we will invite experts from UN and other international organizations as well as well-known scholars from home and abroad to give the students special lectures irregularly.
All courses are free of tuition and we provide needed Chinese and English teaching materials and reference books free of charge. The project assists the students to find jobs or internships in international organizations (non-governmental organizations included) and famous enterprises.
Currently, the project research center offers the following permanent internships abroad:(1) 2 students working at Frontline, the Ireland human rights organization, for half a year;(2)6 students working at Hong Kong Asian Human Rights Commission for one month of two weeks.
Other Internships:(1)2-3 students working at project offices stationed by UN institutions in Beijing, with non-fixed period;(2)2-3 students working at Save the Children, the international non-profit organization, for two-month or longer.
The project cycle is one school year. The applicants should guarantee abundant study time to take six courses(4 required and 2 elective) and acquire 12 credits(all credits can be included in the elective credits of students’original majors).Applicants can only get certificate of completion with all six courses passed.
The project has no conflict with students taking courses of their original majors.
The certificate of completion is awarded by Peking University Law School and Rolle Wallenburg Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Research Institution jointly and acknowledged by most human rights organizations at home and abroad.
You can get the detailed introduction and Application Form by downloading the attachments at the bottom of this page, searching the Law School page in Weiming BBS, or asking the staff directly in Human Rights Research Center Office(Room
301-1, Kaiyuan Building)
Reference Linking:http:
Law School page in Weiming BBS, Peking University: //
Official website of Human Rights Research Center:
Application Method:
Students inclined to apply for the project are required to submit Application Form and resumes, Chinese and English(electronic and printed edition are both required) .
Please send the materials in electronic edition to; send the printed materials to Human Rights Research Center Office, Room 301-1, Kaiyuan Building in Law School.
Application Deadline: December 15th,2013

If you have any questions, please send e-mails to, or you can call 010-62767955 to consult. Linkman: Min Jie. More introductions of centers and projects can be found in the office website: