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Lecture Notice——The Publicity and Management of Property


  1. Right bundle theory vs. Exclusion as the core of ownership
  2. Problems of the property Part of China civil code under the frontier theory of property rights



- Gregory S. Alexander - Prof. of Cornell University Law School who proposed that property is pluralistic and public and is the most representative scholar of the public theory of property law. The recent published monograph of Prof. Alexander is An Introduction to Property Theory with Eduardo Peualver;

- Su Yongqin - Prof. of National Chengchi University and Deputy Dean of National Chengchi University Law School whose research expertise is constitution, property law and fair trade law. He served as vice president and chief justice of Taiwan Judicial Yuan (2010 - 2016). Prof.'s monographs include Economic Rationality in Private Law Autonomy and Looking for a new civil law, etc.


Time: April 14, 2018


Location: Lecturer Hall Koguan Building, PKULS



Translated by: Lu Liangchen

Edited by: Li Jiaying