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The Prague, Czech Republic Summer Overseas Internship Program Has Been Open for Application (Scholarship Program)

The Prague Summer Overseas Internship Program Introduction:

The Prague summer program is intended to teach students the theory and practice of international commercial transactions, including summer courses (3 weeks) and summer internships (4 weeks). The Organizer is European Centre for Career Education(ECCE).

1. Three week’s courses

Time: 2018.7.9-2018.7.27

Place: Schengen, Prague, The capital of the Czech Republic

Brief introduction:

The project course is taught by the partners of major law firms in Europe and well-known professors from the Czech Republic. The participants will be provided with first-hand information and experience in dealing with cross-border transactions and other specific legal issues. The project will also organize participants to visit Czech legal agencies, such as the Czech Republic Intellectual Property Office, the Czech International Business Arbitration Center, the Czech Parliament and the Czech High Procurator. The questions raised by students on the teaching interactive platform during the class will be scored as normal scores. There will be an exam at the end of the second week of the lecture section. The exam content includes language proficiency test and knowledge test of the subjects learned during the project. The ECCE will use the test results plus the usual grades to rank students. The first student will have the right to choose any law firm he wants from the entire internship list. Then the second best student is selected from the remaining positions, and so on.

2. Four week’s internships

Time: 2018.7.30-2018.8.24

Place: The country where the law firm the student selected in the Schengen area is located

Brief introduction:

This year's project internship includes a full-time, four-week internship in the legal departments of international law firms, internal law firms in Schengen countries including Prague and international law firms in other Schengen countries, and well-known multinational corporations such as Siemens.The internships that were co-operated in previous years include White & Case, T-Mobile Communications, Deloitte, BBH, Clifford Chance, Noerr, etc. In 2017, we have Dentons, Clifford Chance, PwC, DLA Piper, Linklaters, EY, K&L Gates, Bird & Bird and other 80 companies in the legal department and 120 law firms internships.

3. Optional activities

After school hours, there are a number of collective team activities, students are free to register. Such as a room escape, treasure hunt game. On weekends, ECCE will organize short trips for students, such as one-day trip to CK Township (Krumlov), visits to the Bone Church, and other extracurricular activities.

4. Project Certificates, Credits, and Recommendation Letters

4.1 Project Certificate: After the completion of the first three weeks of training, a certificate of completion will be granted by ECCE.

4.2 Credits:Excellent students who complete the entire summer program (curriculum & internship) can apply to ECCE for credits after the project ends. After the application is submitted, the authorized academic institution of this legal project, Charles University in Prague (the highest institution of the Czech Republic) will grant the applicants 4 ECTS credits. This credit applies to students who have advanced study plan in the EU countries.

4.3 Recommendation Letters: One week before the end of the internship, the trainee can submit the job recommendation letter to the responsible supervisor during the internship. The letter of recommendation will help the trainees in their future employment or academic advancement applications. The ECCE can also give academic recommendation letters to students who perform well during the lecture.

5. Fees and Scholarships

3,000 euros ≈23,500 yuan

5.1 Scholarship quota setting

First Class Scholarship  2 people  Project Fee Free

Second Class Scholarship  2 people  Project fee reduction of 1,500 euros

Third Class Scholarship  2 people  Project fee reduction of 1,000 euros

5.2 Scholarship application conditions

A. Conforms to the basic conditions of the Peking University

B. First Class Scholarship: IELTS 7 or TOEFL 100 or above, or other equivalent language qualification certificate

Second Class Scholarship: IELTS 7 or TOEFL 100 or above, or other equivalent language qualification certificate

Third Class Scholarship: IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 90 or above, or other equivalent language qualification certificate

6. Visa

Students who successfully selected will receive official invitation letter from the organizers for visa application, and will be assisted by the organizer. The fees involved in applying for a visa are not included in the project fee.

7. Air tickets

After the organizer negotiates with the trainees, they will make a unified reservation for the flight at their own expense.

8. Accommodation during the project

The organizer is responsible for the unified registration arrangement and booking of student apartments at their own expense.

9. Application

9.1 Application requirements

A. Current Students at Peking University, Law School;

B. Good English listening, speaking and reading skills (Need proof of English level)

9.2 Application materials

A. Peking University Law School International Exchange Project Application Form (Please click to download);

B. Personal commitment (Please click to download);

C. Personal resume (Chinese and English);

D. Personal statement (English);

E. Language Transcript;

F. Course transcript (Chinese and English)

Interested students are requested to send electronic application materials to in the form of "Student ID + Name + 2018 Prague Summer Internship Program" before April 12th, 20 April 2018. The paper version of the application materials should be sent to the Law School's external office (the 206 office of the Law School's Gridsum Garden).

Note: The scholarship will be assessed by the Law School, but the final admission and scholarship results will be determined by the European Centre for Career Education (ECCE). Once applicants in our Law School are accepted, they must not give up their admission qualifications.


A brief introduction to Charles University in Prague and its law school:

Charles University in Prague was founded in 1348 by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. She is one of the oldest universities in Europe, the first university in the German-speaking region founded by the Holy Roman Empire, and the oldest and largest university in Central Europe and the Czech Republic. Charles University in Prague is a member of the Coimbra Group, Europe's top university, the European University Alliance and Europaeum.

The Law School of Charles University in Prague was established in 1348 and is one of the four faculties of the newly established Charles University. Currently, the Law School has more than 4,500 students and is the largest law school in the Czech Republic. It has fully qualified master's programs (Czech teaching), doctoral courses (Czech or English teaching). The college also offers LLM courses taught in English. Many alumni of the Law School are holding important positions in the Czech judicial system, central and local administrations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, public services, private law firms and private companies.


External Affairs Office

March 26, 2018

Translated by: Wang Ran

Edited by: Jiang Lu