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Lecture Notice——Financial Law Practice Forum

Theme: The Considerations of value in Financial Justice Decisions

Speaker: Yang LuDoctor of Peking UniversityCurrently he serves as General Counsel and Director of Shanghai Guosheng (Group) Co. Ltd.

Course Outline:

1. Macro-value considerations in financial justice decisions

  (1) Considering the risk of the overall financial market

  (2) Considerations for maintaining the efficient operation of market mechanisms

  (3) Maintain the trust of public in the financial market foundation

2. Supervision Policy Considerations in Financial Justice Decisions

3. Tolerance and Regulation Boundary for Financial Innovation

4. The Conservative and Radical Dispute of Financial Justice

Time: 9:00 - 12:00, April 1st (Sunday) , 2018

Place: Peking University Audio-Visual Teaching Building 216

Organizer: Peking University Financial Law Research Center                  

Sponsored by Li Kui Research Fund



Translated by: Li Shuai

Edited by: Jiang Lu