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2018 Maritime Law Summer Program of University of Bergen, Faculty of Law Has Been Open for Application

Brief Introduction of University of Bergen:

Located in Bergen, the second largest city in Norway, University of Bergen is a university of which Norway is proud and it is a member of the Coimbra Group, one of the leading university alliance in Europe. The history of University of Bergen can be traced back to the Bergen Catholic Academy in 1153. It was formerly the Norwegian Museum established in 1825 and was founded in 1946, which was focused on both research and education. There are about 17,000 students and 7 colleges in University of Bergen. A total of 13 Nobel Prize winners have studied or taught here.

University of Bergen, Faculty of Law was founded in 1980 and is one of the three universities in Norway that provide legal education. It is located in the center of Bergen and overlooks the Bergen Fjord. Faculty of Law offers a five-year Master of Laws program and a three-year JD program. It teaches 23 English courses including Legal Philosophy, European Human Rights Law, International Copyright Law, International Criminal Law, and Energy Law. There are approximately 1900 students. The law school's dominant discipline is criminal law, and it has a periodical "Criminal Law and Criminal Justice." The law school attaches great importance to international exchanges. It has 130 faculty-level partners, has a Norwegian Law Center in China, and has close cooperation with 9 famous universities in China.

Project quota:

As Norway's port city, Bergen has brought tremendous opportunities for the cooperation between China and Norway through its maritime industry. The two-week Maritime Law Summer Program includes academic and practical lectures and visits to Bergen seafaring companies. University of Bergen, Faculty of Law offers five places for Peking University Law School this year (only 20 people nationwide).

Project Description:

1. Time

Sunday, August 5th – Saturday, August 18th (Tuition time: Monday, August 6 - Friday, August 17)

2. Course content

(1) Doing business in Norway - an introduction

(2) The Maritime Business Sector - Essential features

(3) Ship Registers and Ship Financing

(4) Offshore Contracts and Shipbuilding Contracts

(5) Marine Insurance

(6) Contracts of Affreightment

(7) Carriage of Passengers

(8) Liability for Damage, Loss and Delay

(9) Competition Law and the Maritime Sector

(10) Environmental Law and Marine Pollution

(11) Jurisdiction and Choice of Law

(12) Dispute Resolution in the Norwegian Court System

(13) Nordic Arbitration

3. Field Trips

During the project, students will visit the member company of Maritime Bergen. These companies represent the entire industry chain of Norwegian maritime merchants, including: shipowners, service providers, shipyards and equipment manufacturers.

4. Applicant conditions

(1) Have completed two years (or more) of legal studies when go to Norway. Students with relevant background knowledge of the Maritime Law are preferred.

(2) Have good English writing and speaking skills

5. Fees

Free tuition and accommodation fees, lunch (Monday to Friday) and some dinners are free. Students only need to take round-trip tickets, some meals, etc.

6. Application Materials

(1) Resume (Chinese and English);

(2) Personal statement (in English);

(3) Language transcript (if any);

(4) Course Transcript (Chinese and English).

Interested students are requested to send electronic application materials to pkulaweao@ in the form of “Student ID + Name + 2018 Bergen Maritime Law Summer Project” before 5:00 pm on April 2, 2018 (Monday), and the paper version of the application materials should be sent to External Affairs Office (Room 206, National Double Garden of Law School).

Note: Law School will conduct preliminary interviews and interviews with applicants.

For Specific information, please visit the following website:



External Affairs Office

March 21st, 2018



Translated by: Jin Xingye

Edited by: Jiang Lu