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Application Notification to the 2018 U.S. Business Law Academy at Columbia Law School

Columbia Law School was founded in 1858 and is located in New York City, USA. It is the top five law schools in the United States, and equally famous with Harvard Law School, Yale Law School, as well as Stanford Law School and has leading advantages in corporate law and financial supervision law.

U.S. Business Law Academy at Columbia Law School is designed to provide foreign-trained law students, as well as practitioners and other professionals with a series of overview curriculum of U.S. business law and legal institutions.

The 2018 program is open to apply and the specific information is as follows:

1. Program Dates: July 8th, 2018 (Sunday) to July 27th, 2018 (Friday)

2. Program Location: Columbia Law School

3. Program Content:

(1) Curriculum: Famous professors from Columbia Law School and Oxford Law School will teach you U.S. business law, legal institutions and other important content. The Specific curriculum includes:

Introduction to U.S. Legal Institutions

(Prof. Alexandra Carter from Columbia University Law School: Professor of Law; Director of the Edson Queiroz Foundation Mediation Program)

Essentials of U.S. Corporate Finance for Lawyers

(Prof. Eric Tally from Columbia University Law School: Isidor and Seville Sulzbacher Professor of Law)

U.S. Corporate Law in an International Perspective

(Prof. John Armour from Oxford University, Faculty of Law: Professor of Law and Finance)

(2) Frontier Practice Lectures: Distinguished legal practitioners and experts from the United States will share the experience of U.S. commercial law practice and law firm development. In addition, and international career strategies. senior administrator of international exchange program of Columbia Law School will introduce the degree programs and other content;

(3) High-end Exchange Visits: Close communication with high-level legal practitioners in the United States and visits to the well-known institutions in the United States;

(4) Grant of Project Certificate: Participants will receive program certificate and transcripts issued by Columbia Law School.

4. Program Cost:

The overall program fee for the US Business Law Academy is $7,500. (Each applicants can receive a $1,500 discount, if 6 or more students or alumni of Peking University Law School apply.) This covers the costs of the academic program and materials, non-academic programming, program lunches when an outside speaker is present, and housing. (Participants can apply for the single-occupancy housing in Columbia University student residence halls)

Participants may, however, elect to make their own housing arrangements.  The program fee without housing is $5,250. 

5. Application Requirements:

(1) Applicant Conditions

Applicant should have legal professional foundation (Students or the graduate of Peking University Law School.)

(2) Application method (online application)

2018 U.S. Business Law Academy at Columbia Law School Adopts Online Application

(Application Website:

6. Application method and deadline:

Please complete the online application before April 1, 2018, at the meantime please send your personal registration information to by e-mail. The mail heading is "Name + Student ID + Grade + 2018 U.S. Business Law Academy at Columbia Law School."

Specific program information please visit the following website or open attachments for viewing: 


Foreign Affairs Office

February 26, 2018


Translated by: Peng Yuchen

Edited by: Jin Xingye