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The Chinese University of Hong Kong PhD and MPhil in Laws Programmes

Hong Kong is not only a leading international financial and trade centre, but also hosts some of Asia’s leading universities, including CUHK. Beyond Asia, international university ranking exercises have appraised universities in Hong Kong as among the best in the world. Hong Kong stands as a gateway between the best traditions of Western learning and a region which presents many of the most interesting and exciting objects of contemporary legal, economic, and cultural research. The PhD and MPhil in Laws Programmes at The Chinese University of Hong Kong will provide you with the highest quality supervision, staff and library resourcesYou can write your PhD or MPhil in Laws with the CUHK Law Faculty in English, while enjoying unparalleled access to resources in Chinese and about Asia. You will receive one-on-one guidance from the CUHK Law Faculty, whose members represent all of the world’s major jurisdictions and are actively engaged in a broad array of research. Your own research will be financed either by the University in the form of a studentship or by the Hong Kong Government in the form of a fellowship.

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Laws is the most advanced research degree in law. The PhD is a research degree that can prepare a student for a career in fields as varied as teaching, research, consulting and law practice. Students are required to conduct thorough research on a novel topic and write a thesis of publishable quality that makes an original contribution to legal scholarship.
The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Laws is a degree for students who want to pursue advanced research, so as to become expert in an area of law or on a complex topic that can help open doors to similar career opportunities. Study in the MPhil Programme can also lead to admission to the PhD Programme, subject to the Faculty’s evaluation of the student’s academic performance during his or her MPhil study period. Dissertations for both PhD and MPhil in Laws are written under the guidance of a member of the Faculty as supervisor, and in most cases another faculty member as co-supervisor, and assessed by an independent examination committee.


Please see the attachement for more information about the The PhD and MPhil in Laws Programmes at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


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