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The Effectiveness and Accountability of International Organizations


Theory and Practice of International Law:

The Effectiveness and Accountability of International Organizations




Associate Professor Chen Yifeng, Visiting Professor Peter Quayle



Room 112, Teaching Building No. 1

Peking University

Thursdays, 6:40-8:30PM




14 September 2017

Lecture 1: Introduction – A Brief History of International Organizations and Definitions (Prof. Chen Yifeng, Visiting Prof. Peter Quayle)



Part I – Practice


21 September 2017

Lecture 2: Case Study –International Committee of the Red Cross (Dr. Guo Yang, Senior Advisor, ICRC, Beijing)


28 September 2017

Lecture 3: Case Study – World Bank Group (Mr. Alejandro Alcala Gerez, Senior Counsel, World Bank)


12 October 2017

Lecture 4: Case Study – United Nations Development Programme (Ms. Gu Qing, Assistant Country Director, UNDP, China)


19 October 2017

Lecture 5: Case Study – Multilateral Development Banks (Ms. Fiona Connell, Principal Counsel, Asian Development Bank)


26 October 2017

Lecture 6: Case Study – UN Specialized Agencies, International Labour Organization (Prof. Chen Yifeng)


Week of 2 November 2017

Lecture 7: Field Trip – Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Headquarters, Beijing (Timing, TBD)


Part II – Theory


9 November 2017

Lecture 8: The Jurisdictional Immunities of International Organizations (Visiting Prof. Peter Quayle)


16 November 2017

Lecture9: The Competences and Effectiveness of Governance Organs (Visiting Prof. Peter Quayle)


23 November 2017

Lecture 10: Employment Disputes and International Administrative Tribunals (Visiting Prof. Peter Quayle)


30 November 2017

Reading Seminar (TBD)


7 December 2017

Lecture 11:Public Lecture – The Challenges of Lawfully Hiring (and Firing) International Officials (Visiting Prof. Peter Quayle)


14 December 2017

Lecture 12:Adjudication, Advisory and Complaint Processes (Visiting Prof. Peter Quayle)


21 December 2017

Lecture 13:The Role of Information, Disclosure and Reasoned Decisions (Visiting Prof. Peter Quayle)


28 December 2017

Lecture 14:Conclusion – The Draft Articles on the Responsibility of International Organizations (Prof. Chen Yifeng, Visiting Prof. Peter Quayle)