Organizations and Publications

Peking University Legal Aid Association

Peking University Legal Aid Association is a students‘ voluntary organization, which provides legal services to the public free of charge. The predecessor of it was Peking University Legal Assistant Association, firstly founded in 1994. After being reorganized in October, 2000, the association has been renamed Peking University Legal Aid Association ever since.

PKULAA is the first group to provide regular and professional legal services nationally consisting of students in universities. The daily legal consulting and representation of parties in court in Beijing are two usual services. Moreover, it was firstly put forward by PKULAA to establish a community of legal aid among universities, which have rendered the provision of legal aid services as one system. Also, PKULAA strove to contribute to the buildup of nomocracy in rural area, by helping regularize legal aid services. The attempt to publicize the knowledge of law and the communication of the experiences of legal aid, benefit both the members of PKULAA and the society.

Date: 2014-04-17