Wang Xin:Anti-Money Laundering: Concepts and specification interpretation

About the book
The main topic of this book is money laundering, and the author compares money laundering legislation among certain international organizations and 7 countries, in order to analyze the definition of money laundering and its legislation logic, and to obtain the generality and individuality. Therefore, we can use it for reference and improve the procedure of money laundering legislation in China.
The evaluation report aiming at the situation of Chinese money laundering and terrorist financing, which was made by FATF, is an important reference for the book. According to the report, the author compares the criminal system between domestic legislation and international legislation. After that, the author comes up with certain suggestion to stimulate legislation procedure.
At the same time, the author discusses the judicial application of money laundering, and combines the theoretical research with practical operation.

Date: 2014-10-11