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The Symposium “Theory and Practice of Rule of Law in Private Education” Held Successfully

The Symposium Theory and Practice of Rule of Law in Private Education”  was Held by Institute for Education Law and Institute for Constitution and Administrative Law of Peking University. Nearly one hundred officials, experts and scholars attended the meeting, discussing on the theoretical and practical problems in the process of Rule of Law in Private Education.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Professor Zhan Zhongle, the director of Institute for Education Law. The Symposium was divided into four parts and last for a whole day. All the guests were open to express their own opinions on the theme of "Theory and Practice of Rule of Law in Private Education ".

The experts believed that it’s important to study Rule of Law in Private Education in the context of promoting the rule of law in China. Private education are facing the transformation in both system and mechanism. The country needs to make innovations in the private education system, strengthen the social responsibility of private education, and reposition the function and the nature of the private education.

They pointed out that rule of law system of private education includes the legal system, the enforcement system and the protection system. In the legal system, constitutional law and internal regulations are all indispensible parts.

They agreed that the basic legal system of private education has been built since opening up of China. Now, the urgent problem is how to internalize and enforce the system. As for the enforcement of Practice of Rule of Law in Private Education, the most important thing is to clarify the legal relationship and recognize its legal nature. Only in this way can our country go further and better on the path of improving the security system of the rule of law. The government should take the responsibility of support and encourage Private Education. The autonomy of private education is both positive and negative, which requires the positive support as well as the least interference of the government. Of course, the final protection lies in jurisdiction, which can help achieve the improvement of Rule of Law in Private Education by solving the disputes in the process with judicial justice.

Private Education has been playing an increasingly important part in national education. But its healthy and orderly development relies on the rule of law. After nearly thirty reports and comments, many important issues have been explained. The materials on the symposium will be released to the public, in order to attract more attention of experts and thus promote the process of Rule of Law in Private Education.


Translated by: Kang Weiting

Edited by: Tang Yaqi

Date: 2015-05-25