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The 28th Peking University Intellectual Property Lecture Was Successfully Held

On the evening of April 20th, the 28th Peking University Intellectual Property Lecture, which was jointly organized by Research Center of International Intellectual Property of Peking University and Implementation of National Intellectual Property Strategy (Peking University) Research Base, was successfully held at Koguan Building. The lecture invited intellectual property consultant Dr. Zhao Bing , Philips (China) Investment Limited Company intellectual property and standard Department, as a guest speaker, and was hosted by Professor Yi Jiming from Peking University Law School. This lecture, whose topic was “Operation of Intellectual Property in Business”, attracted many students and others in the wider community.

In the introduction, the host, Professor Yi, pointed out that the core concept of the lecturer was the relevance between intellectual property and the market as well as its importance. Especially under the current condition of China, it’s critical for businesses to take advantage of its intellectual property to create value in the layout of intellectual property strategy.

In the lecture, Dr. Zhao compared business operation with the real estate business, emphasizing the maximum difference between intellectual property and general property is the intangibility. Then, Dr. Zhao deeply explained the sale of intellectual property and intellectual property licensing, especially the latter part.

At the Q&A part, Zhao gave replies to the questions brought up by students, such as the influencing factors of IP layout, the increasingly serious condition of Non-Practicing Entities (NPE) licensing negotiations and so on.

Finally, professor Yi summarized the lecture, and pointed out that it required wide and extensive discussions on how to operate the business to make intellectual property create the largest market value and thus contribute to the whole society.

The lecture attracted many students and others in the wider community.

Translated by: Ma Yusong

Edited by: Li Jie

Date: 2015-05-05