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The 19th Academic Salon successfully held

On April 24th, the nineteenth academic salon of Law School was successfully held in Room 307 of Koguan Building. The theme of this academic salon is “Shall We Break up Google?”and Professor Loannis Kokkoris was the main speaker. Shouwen Zhang, the dean of Peking University Law School and Li Guo,the vice dean of Peking University Law School together with many professors attended the meeting.

First, Professor Kokkoris introduced the investigation to the Google corporate which conducted by the EU anti-monopoly committee in recent two years and the Google segmentation and cash penalties. Meanwhile, he combined the investigations between the USA and the EU.

Subsequently, the participating teachers including Jianbo Lou, Li Guo, Dui Peng discussed on various aspects such as the economic analysis of the US antitrust agencies, European Union antitrust fines criteria established by the Committee, the driving factor of the Google investigation and so on. Professor Kokkoris answered the questions asked by the teachers. Heretothe nineteenth academic salon of Law School was successfully ended.

The salon took the Google Corporate as an example, discussed on the topics such as the position of  Internet companies in the market under the information age, legalization of business activities. It provided experience and lessons for Internet companies’ behavior of China in the market ,and it has important meaning for the development of national enterprises under the information age.


Translated by: Liang Xiaohong

Edited by: Li Jie

Date: 2015-05-05