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The Fourteenth "Rule of Law and Development high-end Academic Salon" Successfully Held

On March 20, the fourteenth "Rule of Law and Development high-end Academic Salon" was successfully held in Room 307, KoGuan Building. The salon, whose theme is “Target and Predicament of Chinese Judicial Reform”, was hosted by law school professor Fu Yulin. Dean of PKULS Zhang Shouwen, the Party committee secretary and vice president Pan Jianfeng , chief judge of the Chongqing fourth Intermediate People's Court Sun Hailong and other 30 professors also attended the salon.

Firstly, Professor Fu pointed out that in order to promote the judicial reform, we should pay more attention to the interference of letters and visiting system on the independence of the judiciary, as well as the contradiction between various parties. Besides, she also said that scholars should play a greater role in judicial reform.

Then, the professors had discussions on the themes of judicial publicity, media’s role in judicial practice, the discretion of judges in continental law system, the structure of circuit court and the prospect of young lawyers. Finally, Sun Hailong introduced the pilot work of the reform in Chongqing Court.

Based on the gap between the idea and practice of judicial reform in China, the salon provides reference for what should be the next step of judicial reform in China, and is of great significance to the further integration between legal research and judicial practice in PKU Law School.

Professors attending the salon:

Fu Yulin, Zhang Shouwen, Pan Jianfeng, Peng Bing, Li Honghai, Che Hao, Chen Yifeng, ye Shan, Zhang Wenliang, Hou Meng, Xue Jun, Song Ying, Tang Yingmao, Bai Jianjun, Guo Yu, Liu Yan, Wang Xin, Shen Kui, Hong Yanrong, Zhang Qi, Gan Chaoying, Guo Li, Liu Yinliang, Chen Xingliang, Zhang, Zhi Yong, Yang Ming, Zhang Shuanggen, Ge Yunsong, Liu Zhe


Translated by: Ma Yusong

Edited by: Tang Yaqi

Date: 2015-03-30