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The 19th Enterprise Legal Risk Forum of Peking University Held Successfully

At 18:40, March 13, 2015, the 19th enterprise legal risk forum was successfully held in Room 502, Chenming Building by China enterprise legal risk management research center of Peking University. Juridical committee members of Jiangsu High People’s Court, experts in trials, economic doctor and judge, Li Houlong, were invited to give a lecture, Five Methods of Right to Claim in Civil and Commercial Cases. Professor Jiang Daxing of PKULS hosted the forum in which some graduate and doctoral students took active part and launched a heated discussion.

First of all, by analyzing some cases, Judge Li introduced the current situation that judging method was not widely studied. Secondly, he explained the analyzing method of the legal relationship and claim right currently and he analyzed the application range, advantages and disadvantages of the two ways. Thirdly, Judge Li put emphasis on the five factors analyzing cases based on right to claim, which are making clear of cause of the case, finding disputes of both sides, looking for the truth, seeking for articles of law and making conclusion. From the seminar, students understand that the judge should shoulder the responsibility to realize fairness and justice in every case for people. At the same time, judges should be equipped with judicial professional skills and judging skills which enable them to realize the goal of fairness and justice of law. The qualities of pursuing fairness and justice from judge Li should be learned by every student majoring in law. At last, judge Li answered the questions form students at present.

Professor Jiang Daxing concluded that, by citing cases in reality, judge Li introduced the judging method based on right to claim in five aspects, which are determining cause by legal relationship, determining dispute by debates, determining truth by evidence, finding articles by legal factors and making conclusion by legal request. This seminar helps us to think about the role and responsibility of legal subjects, then find ways of rule of law of China in the future and think over the structure of judge in civil and commercial cases.

In the end, on behalf of China enterprise legal risk management research center of Peking University, professor Jiang awarded judge Li a certificate of merit and brought a successful close to this forum.


Translated by: Tang Yaqi

Edited by: Fang Zhou

Date: 2015-03-25