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Professor Peter Drahos, Professor Susan Sell Visited Peking University Law School

On May 15th, two veterans of the Global development and knowledge management: Professor Peter Drahos and Professor Susan Sell of Australian National University and Professor Shao Ke of University of Western Australia Law School Visited Peking University Law School. Professor Guo Li was responsible for the hospitality work. Two professors and dean Zhang Shouwen had a meet, and Two professors donated books to teachers of Peking University Law School. After visiting the Peking University Law School and the Intellectual Property Institute, Two professors brought a wonderful lecture to Peking University teachers and students at Room 208, Science Teaching Building of Peking University. The subjects of the lecture were 21st Century Green, Environmentally Friendly, Low-carbon, Sustainable and Innovative Economic Model -What Role Does Intellectual Property Play? and Intellectual Property as a Public Policy - Challenges and Trends. The lecture was chaired by Professor Zhang Ping of Peking University Law School and was reviewed by Professor Shao Ke.

Professor Zhang Ping presided over the activity.

Professor Peter Drahos first introduced the role of intellectual property in the 21st century economic model.

Professor Peter Drahos

After Professor Peter Drahos's wonderful lecture, Professor Susan Sell interpreted the subject of Intellectual Property as a Public Policy - Challenges and Trends for students.

Professor Susan Sell

After the lecture, Professor Shao Ke of the University of Western Australia made a wonderful comment in Chinese, and he made a concise summary of the core views, relevant background, contexts as well as the international trend of the two professors' lectures.

Professor Shao Ke

After a brief break, the activity entered the question part, and the students were very enthusiastic, competing to raise their hands to ask questions. The two professors very patiently answered the questions.

Student Question Part

Translated by: Sun Jingwei

Edited by: Wang Mi


Date: 2017-06-06