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The Second Exchanging Meeting of Zhong Lun Overseas Study Tour Project Held Successfully

At 14:30 on April 27th,the second exchanging meeting of Zhong Lun Overseas Study Tour Project was held successfully at law student club, Koguan Building. Partner of Zhong Lun Law Firm Zhu Maoyuan, Hao Han, Deputy Dean of Nankai University law school Chen Yaodong, Youth League Committee Secretary of Nankai University law school Shen Baoqing, Vice Party Secretary of law school Lu Jiangnan and the members of the project attended the meeting. Secretary of Youth League Committee and Director of Student Affairs Office Shi Shi chaired the meeting.

Firstly, Mr. Shi Shi introduced all of the distinguished guests. Then, Mr. Lu Jiangnan gave a welcome speech. He reviewed the results of the project since its establishment, and expressed the gratitude to the supporters of the project. At the same time, he stressed that Peking University law school won’t forget the beginning of the heart and will promote a better development of the project. He expected the meeting be a complete success.

Then, Partner of Zhong Lun Law Firm Zhu Maoyuan made a speech. He expressed his gratitude to Mr. Hao Han, the sponsor of the project, and the teachers of two universities who had carefully organized the project. He said, Study tour has a long history, and the feeling can be summarized as four points: widen view, gain insights, think deeply and good communication. He wished the study tour get more support.

Subsequently, members of the project made speeches in group. The first group, Nankai University law school student Dong Hualiang, Song Yuxin and Peking University law school student Liu Like, Zhao Yucai gave a speech of law education, they shared the campus environment, learning facilities, the atmosphere of the class and learning methods with us. The members of second group, Nankai University law school student Sun Ting, Zhao Hong, Li Meijun and Peking University law school student Ai Hui, Sun Bangjiao made a speech of legal profession. They introduced the professional education in law school, American law firms and courtsPublic welfare legal service and personal planning for legal profession combined with their experience. The third group, Nankai University law school student Liu Qiaoqiao, Tang Qi, Huang Zhenwei and Peking University law school student Yu Jinzhao, Tian Yajuan, Qin Yujie told about the pluralistic cultures of American people, such as the Museum Culture, dietary culture, urban characteristics, etc.

After that, Mr. Chen Yaodong delivered a speech. He paid tribute to Mr. Hao Han and thanked the students for sharing their experiences. Chen Yaodong said that it is a treasure to learn about the political, educational and cultural of America in close range. He also encouraged students to share their thoughts academically to promote the establishment of a legal professional community and Chinese legal education.

Finally, Mr. Hao Han made a speech. He reviewed the development of the project since it was established, and said that the success of Zhong Lun Overseas Study Tour Project was the result of the teachers and students’ efforts. Hao Han pointed out that the purpose of this project is to make some contribution to romote social development. Although China is developing at a high speedThere is still a gap between us and developed countriesespecially in education.The school should be committed to training students to have both ability and political integrity, to build the sense of social responsibility.

The guests and the members of the project took a group photo.so far, the meeting came to end perfectly.

Zhong Lun Overseas Study Tour Project is initiated and supported by the Zhong Lun Public Foundation, organized by Nankai University law school and Peking University law school. The project choose outstanding students from two university to visit some well-known law schools in the united states during holiday. The second phase project carried out in January 2017, 16 students went to New York, Philadelphia, and Washington to visit Columbia University, New York University, University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown University and other universities in the United states. The second exchanging meeting shared the feelings and thoughts of the members, showed the achievements of the projectand provided valuable experience for the project. It also helped Zhong Lun Law FirmPeking University law school and Nankai University law school to further exchanges and cooperation and made greater contributions to the legal personnel training.

Translated by:
Zhang Qi
Edited by: Zhou Wenhao

Date: 2017-05-22