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Peking University - Guanheng Criminal Law the First Salon Held Successfully

At 7:00 pm on April 23th, 2017, Peking University Law School Peking University - Guanheng Criminal Law the first salon was held successfully at Room 303 in Koguan Building. Associate Professor Che Hao from Peking University Law School presided over. Guests invited to this salon included: Prof. Chen Ziping from Kaohsiung University Law School, Prof. Chen Xingliang from Peking University Law School, Prof. Huang Jingping from Renmin University of China Law School, Prof. Liang Genlin from Peking University Law School, Prof. Qu Xinjiu from China University of Political Science and Law, Associate Professor Jiang Su from Peking University Law School, Beijing Guan Heng Law Firm Director Liu Weidong. The theme of this salon wasbribery in duty facilitation, attracting many scholars, students and the community to attend.

Associate Professor Che Hao first briefed the salon. Different from previous forums or lectures, the salon does not set the role of speakers and commentators. Participants can express their views on academic issues in a free and easy discussion atmosphere, and communicate with each other. Subsequently, Associate Professor Che Hao introduced the guests.

Prof. Chen Ziping first spoke, and he introduced the identificationof duty behavior in bribery in the Taiwan area.

Prof. Chen Xingliang talked about four points on the mainland criminal law in the taking advantage of duty facilitation.

Prof. Huang Jingping classified the behavior of taking advantage of duty facilitation into certain types and talked about other content.

Prof. Qu Xinjiu made a point of view from a historical perspective.

From the principle of legally prescribed punishment for a crime, Prof. Liang Genglin expressed a different view with Prof. Qu Xinjiu.

Associate Professor Jiang Su later mentioned that there are two tendencies in the composition of bribery and talked about other content.

Liu Weidong expressed his view on this issue from the perspective of criminal defense lawyers.

Associate Professor Che Hao finally summed up and made insights.

In the exchange of questions, the audience raised a lot of questions, guests and the participating students had a warm exchange.

Finally, the salon ended in a warm and serious academic atmosphere.

Translated by: Sun Jingwei

Edited by: Yang Wanyi

Date: 2017-05-08