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The Asian Development Bank Strategic Budget Personnel Bureau Chief Toshio Oya visited PKULS

On the evening of March 22nd, Peking University Law School Vice President Guo Li, Deputy Secretary of the party committee Lu Jiangnan, Associate Professor Zhang Zhiyong and Chen Yifeng, Director of Employment Guidance Office Hou Le, met with the Director of the Strategic Development Bureau of the Asian Development Bank in the courtyard of the academy.

At the first, the participants introduced each other on their respective members. Vice President Guo Li expressed his warm welcome to the visiting Asian delegates on behalf of the law school.

Subsequently, the two sides around the topic discussed and exchanged views. Secretary Toshio Oya briefed the "PPP project" overviewpointed out that the development of the Bank of Asia depends on the support and participation of more experts and legal professionals.Guo Li, vice president said, in recent years, Peking University Law School has been open up international vision, strengthen foreign cooperation, So it is expected to be able to cooperate with Asian Development Bank.

At the end of the meeting, the two sides took a group photo, the meeting was a complete success.

This meeting is conducive to the construction of Peking University Law School and the Asian Development Bank to develop cooperation platform, enhance mutual friendship and promote their development. This meeting will also create more opportunities for teachers and students of Peking University Law School to further promote the international development of Peking University Law School.

Translated by: Zhao Jiaqi

Edited by: Yang Wanyi

Date: 2017-04-06