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PKU team won the champion of the 15th RC International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition

On March 11th, the 15th session of the Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition concluded at Hong Kong High Court. The competition lasted four days, jointly organized by the Red Cross Society of Hong Kong and the International Committee of the Red Cross, a total of 24 universities of 21 cities from the Asia Pacific region participating in the competition. As the domestic championship in 2016, Peking University team, composed of teachers and students from Peking University law school, harvested in the competition with the championship in the practice simulation part, the second best defense pleadings in the moot court, and Li Xiaolan wining the third best players.

The competition is divided into two parts of moot court and practice simulation. In the respect of moot court part, in the preliminary round, with full preparation, calm mind and flexible response, Peking University Law School players answered accurately and orderly, which was unanimously appreciated by judges. With regard to the practice simulation part, Peking University team cooperated with Philippines University team in the competition, they exploited the knowledge of international humanitarian law flexibly, showing a wealth of experience in competition.

The Peking University team is captained by 2014 undergraduate Li Xiaolan, with Li Xiaolan and 2015 undergraduate Shen Yiming as players, 2015 postgraduate Wan Yu, 2015 undergraduate Guo Jiyun and Feng Weixian as researchers. In the process of preparation, the team got careful guidance from three teachers, Yi Ping, Joe Pratt and Jacob Clark in Peking University Law School. 2011 undergraduate Liu Zhixin, 2016 postgraduate Fu Shucheng and Wu Ning provided precious advice for the team, School Youth League Committee and other departments offered adequate logistical and spiritual support for the team, and Philippines University team also gave strong support in the practice simulation part.

Since established in 1863, the International Committee of the Red Cross has regarded promoting and developing international humanitarian law as one of its core activities. East Asia Representative Office of the International Committee of the Red Cross has held International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition in China since 2007, which is aimed at promoting international humanitarian law in universities and colleges, and through collaboration with academia, establishing the good tradition of the teaching and research in the field of international humanitarian law, so that generations of young students would create a more perfect world of humanity.

Photos provided by: the team
Article written by: Feng Weixian

Translated by: Tian Junxin
Edited by: Ao Minyu

Date: 2017-03-27