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Dean of Fordham University Law School Matthew Diller Visited Peking University Law School

On the morning of March 13th, 2017, Dean Matthew Diller, Director of Admission Martin D. Slavens and Dean Assistant Vera T. Bullock of Fordham University Law School visited Peking University Law School. Dean Zhang Shouwen, Vice Dean Guo Li and Dean Assistant, Director of Foreign Affairs Office Li Yuanyuan of Peking University Law School Warmly welcomed the visitors. The two sides held constructive talks.

Dean Zhang Shouwen and Dean Matthew Diller are talking warmly

Dean Zhang Shouwen extended a warm welcome to Dean Matthew Diller, and introduced the profile of Peking University Law School and the international development strategy of legal education to the guests. Dean Matthew Diller thanked Peking University Law School for their hospitality. He said the visit was aimed at exploring the possibility of cooperation with Peking University Law School in student exchange, teacher exchange and so on.

The two sides reviewed the history of cooperation. Previously, Peking University Law School and the Fordham University Law School had visited professors mutually. At the same time, Peking University and Fordham University Business School had a close exchange and cooperation. The company compliance, finance, Chinese law research, public management and other legal areas were discussed in depth. The two sides indicated that there is room for cooperation in the study of these hot issues.

Discussing cooperation matters

In the next step to discuss cooperation matters, Dean Matthew Diller mentioned that with the development of China, American students are increasingly aware of the importance of Chinese law and are very interested in Chinese culture. The Fordham University Law School is continuing its efforts to improve cooperation with Chinese law schools, and the establishment of a partnership with Peking University Law School will be an important step. Subsequently, the two sides exchanged views on student exchange, teacher exchange, summer courses and degree programs, and reached an initial intention.

At the end of the talks, Dean Zhang Shouwen expressed his welcome to the Dean of Fordham University Law School once again and expressed the best wishes for the prospects of cooperation.

Photo of the meeting

Translated by : Sun Jingwei

Edited by: Ao Minyu
Date: 2017-03-27