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Peking University Law School received the 2016 National Social Science Fund Project

In the tender of the 2016 National Social Science Fund major projects, the project “build a comprehensive and systematic research of cases with Chinese characteristics” was approved. Prof. Zhang Qi, as the project chief expert, organized the declaration and the project approval number is 16ZDA068.

Prof. Zhang Qi's main research directions are jurisprudence, philosophy of law, comparative law, judicial precedent and case guidance system, in which he has long been engaged in teaching and research work. Prof. Zhang Qi visited Harvard University Law School from September 2010 to July 2011 as a "Fulbright Visiting Scholar" with the project “The Methodology of American Case Law System” and visited Yale University Law School from January 2003 to July 2003 as a senior visiting scholar with the project “Judicial Precedent System”. Since 1999, Prof. Zhang Qi has been studying Chinese judicial precedent and case guidance system, writing and publishing a large number of academic papers and monographs. He has participated in and promoted the establishment and the development of Chinese case guidance system and achieved great social influence. Due to the long study and prominent research in judicial precedent and case guidance, Professor Zhang Qi has been invited by the Supreme People's Court since 2005 to participate in the design of the case guidance system and the formulating work of the relevant documents. He is currently the member of the Supreme People's Court Case Guidance Work Experts Committee and the first batch of chief researcher of the Supreme People’s Court Judicial Case Research Institute.


Written by: PKULS Scientific Research Office

Translate by: Li Can

Edited by: Yang Zhe

Date: 2016-12-14