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The Dean of Camilla University of the Spanish Catholic Visited PKU Law School

Tuesday afternoon on December 16th, Iñigo A. Navarro Mendizábal, the dean of Camilla University of Spanish Catholic, and Adam Dubin the director of master’s program of European Union commercial law visited the law school of PKU. The dean of law school, Zhang Shouwen and the teacher of foreign affairs apartment, Yuan Hui gave a reception to the visitors.


The dean of law school Zhang Shouwen expressed a warm welcome to the Spanish friends. He said, the law school of PKU has paid a lot of attention on expanding the international cooperation, the law school of Camilla university is the first Spanish college that established the cooperation relationship with the PKU law school, and the communication between tow colleges has mad new contributions to the academic exchange in two countries.


The dean of Camilla university Iñigo A. Navarro Mendizábal said, china plays a significant role in word economy, and has strengthen the connection with European Union. It’s important for the people in the future to understand the Chinese market and law. Adam Dubin introduced the new summer school and LLM program of European Union commercial law, hoping more excellent students of PKU would participate in it.


Two colleges made a agreement on establishing cooperation in sending exchange visiting scholars and distance learning course, promoting student exchange program and implementing the LLM program of European Union international commercial law.   



Translated by: Ge Jingyi

Edited by: Zhou Yingzi

Date: 2014-12-23