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LL.M. Program Students Visited Tian Yuan Law Firm

On Oct. 31st, 2014, under the guidance of Ms. Zhao Xue, LL.M Program Students and Law School exchange students visited Tian Yuan Law Firm.

Partners Mr. Zhu Xiaohui, Mr. Yin Xiong and Mr. Chai Jie warmly welcomed Chinese Law students. To begin with, Mr. Zhu gave a brief introduction of the law firm and its history, lawyers and associates who work in the law firm.
Then, students raised many questions, such as law firm relationship to foreign law firms, professionals’ education background, popular cases in Beijing, malpractice cases, the process to be a good lawyer and so on. Mr. Chai and other associates answered the questions patiently. Besides, they also talked about why they chose to be a lawyer, which greatly inspired the students.
Through the visit, students learned more knowledge about law firms, the process to be a lawyer, how to be a good lawyer and so on. At last, our Law School and Tian Yuan Law Firm exchanged gifts, and took group photo together. They all expressed great satisfaction to this visit and anxious interest of future fieldwork activities.

Date: 2014-11-05