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Li Kang, Director of Department of Laws and Regulations of NDRC, Visited Law School

At 9 a.m. on June 16th, Li Kang, who is the director of Department of Laws and Regulations of National Development and Reform Commission, visited Peking University Law School. He listened to the law experts' proposal to the institutional improvement of National Development and Reform Commission. Professor Zhang Shouwen, the Dean of Law School, received Director Li Kang and his colleagues. They discussed related issues in Room 502 in Chen Ming Building. Director Li Maonian, Mr. Xu Zhiyuan, Professor Yang Zixuan, Professor Jiang Ming'an and Professor Xiao Jiangping attended the symposium.
Symposium Scene

Firstly, professor Zhang Shouwen made a brief statement about the basic situation and background and expressed the welcome of Li Kang. Subsequently, Mr. Li Kang introduced problems and difficulties of National Development and Reform Commission during the system construction, especially the legislation problems.
Professor Zhang Shouwen
Director Li Kang

This research mainly revolved around three issues, namely: how to perfect the macro-control law system; how to improve the scientific and democratic legislation; how to perfect the legislation system. Professor Jiang Mingan firstly made the response and solutions to the three issues from the aspects of principles, methods and specific suggestions. Then, Professor Yang Zixuan explained the significance and the value of the macroeconomic regulation and control from the perspective of the concept of macro regulation and legislation. Professor Xiao Jiangping put forward some suggestions from the legislation experience.
Professor Jiang Ming'an
Professor Yang Zixuan
Professor Xiao Jiangping

Professor Zhang Shouwen finally summarized three teachers' speak. The two sides reached a preliminary agreement on more exchanges and cooperation. They hope that it will make contribution to the country through the "rule of law and development research institute of Peking University".
Group Photo

(Written by: Feng Tailai)

Translated by: Bian Jiahuan
Edited by: Zhou Yingzi

Date: 2014-10-11