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The Second English Edition of Peking University Law Journal Officially Published

Recently, sponsored by Peking University, the second English edition of was officially published, and helped by the Hart publishing company (Hart Publishing Ltd) , the paper version (ISSN 2051-7483) and the network version (ISSN 2052-5907) were published in the global synchronization publication at the same time.

This edition consisted of four columns: subject research, academic monograph, the famous speech and academic commentary .

The part of “subject research” consisted of by Professor Chen Xingliang and by Professor Zhang Qi.

The part of “academic monograph” was made up of 6 essays: by Professor Bai Jianjun, by Professor Chen Ruihua,<“Beyond Reasonable Doubt” in the Chinese Legal Context> by Professor Long Zongzhi, by Professor Fu Yulin, by Professor Contat Toibna,and by Professor Liu Sida.

In the part of “the famous speech”,Professor Zhang Weiren brought the speech “Western And Chinese Images Of Justice”.

In the part of “academic commentary”,Mou Lvye brought.

Date: 2014-10-11