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The First (2014) Reelin Resources, Energy and Environmental Law Forum Held Successfully

2014 The first (Total 9) Reelin Resources, Energy and Environmental Law Forum was held successfully on the morning of January 10 at Peking University Law School. Professor Michael B. Gerrard who is from Columbia University Law School delivered a speech entitled "Thinking about bringing climate impact into the U.S. EIA and land planning program in the United States ". The forum was hosted by Professor Wang Shekun. Professor Wang Jin and graduate students from Peking University Law School and the School of Environment attended the forum.

Professor Gerrard detailed the main content of the 1970 "National Environmental Policy Act" (NEPA). Then, he analyzed the impact of the EIA system to control greenhouse gases. Professor Gerrard then further tangled the traditional environmental impact assessment system with emerging issue of climate change together.

Subsequently, Professor Gerrard highlighted some specific provisions of a detailed analysis of the climate change for environmental assessment of impact.

Professor Gerrard also described two case. With these two cases, he explained how climate change affects plants, animals and ecological environment and what factors should be considered when you evaluate impact of climate change in environmental impact assessment.

Finally, Professor Gerrard describes that people should consider the impact of future climate change in the process of land use planning. He first illustrates the impact of climate change on sea level rise. He said that as land planning to determine the flood zone as climate change factors should be considered when planning real estate projects. In his view, climate change has become a factor to be considered in land planning in the United States.  

After the conclusion of the lecture, Professor Gerrard had a friendly and warmly academic exchange with the teachers and students.

Reelin Resources Energy and Environmental Law Forum, jointly organized by the Energy and Environmental Law Research Center of Peking University and Peking University Law School Professor Jin Reelin Development Fund, whose purpose is to improve the research level of China resources, energy and environment research law by international collaboration.

Date: 2014-10-11