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PKU Law School Brings Up International Talents

With the process of globalization continues to accelerate, international talents become the focus of higher education. In recent years, PKU Law School has made full use of its resources advantages to promote the education of innovative international talents. With the international vision, PLS is leading the legal education in China.

According to the latest statistics offered by some foreign services agencies, in the Chinese mainland students who were admitted by Harvard, Columbia and Stanford as LL.M candidates, those with the education background in PLS made up about nearly fifty percent of the total number. Both the number and the proportion of admitted students are the best of all the law schools in mainland China, which reflects PLS's highly recognition between the world's elites.

Aim at diversifying the teaching methods and bringing up international talents, PLS has taken a series of measures to strengthen the cooperation with the world famous law schools. Law schools of Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia and other world elite are the partners of PLS. Every year PLS sends out hundreds of exchange students to experience the foreign legal education and improve their comprehensive qualities.

Meanwhile, PLS has taken measures to reform conventional teaching methods. On the one hand, PLS has hired overseas celebrated scholars as chair professors, trying to diversify the courses. On the other hand, PLS has introduced the case study course, clinical legal practicing course and other practice-oriented courses. PLS focus on training students' capacity to find, analyze and solve problems, and also aim at combining learning and practicing.

PLS international training mode has achieved initial success and will continue to adhere to this mode. PLS is paying unremitting efforts to bring up first-class international legal talents.

Translated by: Wang Hao
Edited by: Zhou Yingzi

Date: 2014-10-11