Lecture Notice—The 12th Boya Public Law Workshop of PKU

Theme: Constitutionality of Limited Circulation of Rural Collective-Owned Construction Land

Speaker: Lecturer Zheng Lei, Zhengzhou University Law School, JSD of PKULS

 Commentator: A.P. Chen Zheng, Beijing Normal University Law School

                        Lecturer Liu Quan, Law School of Central University of Finance and Economics

Host: Dr. Peng Chun, Post-Doctor of PKULS

Time:19:00-21:00, April 4, 2016

Venue: Room 303, Koguan Building, PKULS

Organizer: Peking University Constitution and Administrative Law Research Center.


Peking University Soft Law Research Center

Peking University Public Participation Research and Support Center

Peking University People’s Congress and Parliamentary Research Center

Peking University Education Law Research Center

Cooperative Company: Shanghai Wan Fang Data Co.,Ltd


Translated by: Xia Jing

Date: 2016-03-30