Orientation and Standard of Legal Service of Criminal Defense&“Lie Yang”Scholarship Award Ceremony

Guests: Qian Lieyang, national renowned lawyer, acquired a Juris Master’s degree from PKULS, and now serves as Expert Legislator of Beijing Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, Partner of East & Concord Partners. His major practice domain is criminal defense and litigation, and had defended “Liu Xiaoqing Tax Evasion Case”,“Xiamen Yuanhua Corp. Smuggling Case”,“Liu Zhijun Bribery and Abuse of Power Case” and many other influential cases.

Zeng Yang, Chairman of“Zhong Rong Sheng Tong” Investment Management Ltd, Master of Economics of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU, German).

A.P. Chen Yongsheng, Post-doctor of PKULS, participated in revising outline of National Judicial Exam and editing guidance book. Research field: Criminal Procedure Law, Evidence law and Judicial System.

Time: 7 pm, March 17 (Thursday), 2016

Venue: Moot Court, (1stfloor) KoGuan Building, PKULS


Introduction to “Lie Yang” Scholarship Award:

“Lie Yang” Scholarship Awardis a long-term scholarship established by Mr. Qian Lieyang, co-founded by Mr. Zeng Yang, on the purpose of encouraging outstanding students of Criminal Litigation.


Translated by: Xia Jing

Date: 2016-03-10