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Zhang Qianfan  

Ph.D. in Government, August 1999
M.A. in Government, December 1997
University of Texas at Austin

Ph.D. in Physics/Biophysics, November 1989
M.S. in Physics, May 1986
Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.

B.S. in Solid State Physics, July 1984
Nanjing University, Nanjing, People's Republic of China

Professional Experience
September 2009 ㄜ Present
Visiting Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Victoria, Canada

May 2007 每 Present
Director, Center on the People's Congress and Parliamentary Studies, Law School, Peking University

May 2004 每 Present
Senior Deputy Director, Center on Administrative and Constitutional Law, Peking University

January 2003 每 Present
Professor , Peking University Law School

October 1999 每 December 2002
Professor , School of Law, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

January 2000 每 December 2007
Chief Editor, Nanjing University Law Review

May 每 August, 2007
Visiting Professor, Institute of Law, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

January 每 February, 2005
August 每 September 2005/2006
Visiting Professor, School of Law, National University of Singapore

June 每 August 2003
Visiting Scholar, School of Law, Columbia University

June 每 August 2002
Visiting Scholar, University of St. Andrews, Center for Ethics and Public Affairs, UK

Professional Membership
Vice President, Beijing Constitutional Law Association ﹛October 2009 ㄜ Present
Vice President, Chinese Constitutional Law Association ﹛October 2004 ㄜ Present
International Society of Chinese and Western Philosophy﹛2003 ㄜ Present
American Chinese Philosophical Association 1997 ㄜ Present

Teaching and Research Interest
Chinese public law; Chinese moral and political theories
Comparative constitutional law and political theory

Adjunct Professorship/Board Member

Adjunct Professor June 2008 ㄜ Present
School of Law, Central South University

Senior Fellow on Public Policy April 2008 ㄜ Present
Association of Chinese Economic Institutional Reform

Advisor January 2008 ㄜ Present
Special Committee on Constitutional Law, Beijing Bar Association

Adjunct Professor October 2007 ㄜ Present
School of Law, Beihang University

Editorial Board Member September 2007 ㄜ Present
Journal of Chinese Philosophy (University of Hawaii)

Research Fellow May 2007 ㄜ Present
Finance and Economic Law Center, Peking University

Advisor on Academic Committee March 2007 ㄜ Present
Chinese Social Science Survey Center, Peking University

Editorial Board Member September 2006 ㄜ Present
Series on Public Law Classics (Commerce Press)

Academic Committee Member August 2006 ㄜ Present
Center on Constitutionalism and Administrative Rule of Law, People's University of China

Editorial Board Member August 2005 ㄜ Present
Series on Constitutionalism (Peking University Press)

Academic Committee Member June 2005 ㄜ Present
Center on Constitutionalism, China's Politics and Law University

Adjunct Professor April 2005 ㄜ Present
School of Law, Zhengzhou University

Adjunct Professor March 2005 ㄜ Present
School of Humanities, North China Institute of Technology

Advisor February 2005 ㄜ Present
Quanda Law Firm, Beijing

Adjunct Professor October 2004 每 Present
Institute of Judges, Jiangsu Province

Adjunct Professor January 2004 每 Present
School of Government Management, Peking University

Research Fellow January 2004 每 Present
Institute of Political Development and Government Management, Peking University

Adjunct Professor January 2003 每 Present
Center on Constitutionalism and Administrative Rule of Law, People's University of China

Adjunct Professor Summer 1998 ㄜ Present
School of Law, Nanjing Normal University

Academic Awards

Outstanding Young JuristㄛOctober 2000, Jiangsu Academy of Legal Science (Jiangsu Faxuehui)

First Award for Western Constitutional Systems (vol. 1), October 2001

Seventh Academic Competition in Philosophy and Social Science, Jiangsu Province

First Award for American Constitution and Government, February 2002ㄛ

Third Academic Competition in Humanities and Social Science, Nanjing University

Second Award for Western Constitutional Systems (vol. 2), October 2002

Academic Competition, Chinese Constitutional Law Society

National Nomination for Outstanding Young Jurist, October 2003

First Award for Introduction to the Study of Constitutional LawㄛNovember 2004

Excellence in Teaching Competition, Peking University

Chair in Constitutional Law, Beijing Elite Course Series, October 2006 ㄜ Present

Grants and Projects (Selective)
Legal Regulation of Market Economy, Department of Education (Completed in 2001)

Constitutionalism, Rule of Law, and Economic Development, Philosophy and Social Science Foundation, Jiangsu Province, 2001-2004 (Completed)

Constitutionalism and Constitutional Reform (part of Political Civilization and Constitutionalism), Important Research Program in Philosophy and Social Science, Department of Education (Completed)

State Sovereignty and Local Autonomy, Key Project of State Social Science Foundation (Completed in February 2009).

Comparative Analysis of State Structure in Transitional Period, Key Project of Humanities and Social Science Research, Department of Education (Completed in September 2009).

Comparative Analysis of Anti-secession in American and European Countries: Theory and Practice, Key Research Project, Taiwan Affair Office, State Council (Completed in January 2007)

An Analysis of the ※Second Republic Constitution§ in Taiwan, Key Research Project, Taiwan Affair Office, State Council (Completed in December 2008)

Toward Equal Opportunity for Higher Education, Funded by School of Law, George Washington University, and CDL Consulting Corp., January 2009 每 September 2010.

Peasant Rights and State Interest in China's Urbanization Process: A Comparative Study of Agricultural Land Property and Its Regulations, Ford Foundation Grant, November 2009 每 October 2011.

Constitutional Law (freshmen class)
Comparative Constitutionalism (graduate course)

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