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Zhang Qi  
Executive Director, Institute of Comparative Law and Legal Sociology at Peking University Law School

Ph.D., Peking University, December 1997, Jurisprudence;
LL.M., Peking University, July 1987, Legal theory;
LL.B., Jilin University, Jan.1982, Law.

Courses of teaching:
Chinese Judicial System (in English);
Comparing Legal Systems of China and the U.S. (in English);
Comparative Law;
Study on Western Philosophy of Law.
Subject areas for supervising students' research:
Judicial system, jurisprudence, comparative law, study on Western philosophy of law, torts, comparative legislative systems of China and the US.

Recent Publications:
I Articles:
※On the Methods of Identifying Guiding Cases ㄜㄜ Based on the Trial Experience§ Peking University Law Journal, No. 3, 2009, pp. 457-468, (in Chinese);
※Identification and Application of the Guiding Elements of a Guiding Case§ Legal Science Monthly, No. 10, 2008, pp. 89-101, (in Chinese);
※On the Guidance of the Guiding Cases§ㄛLaw and Social evelopment, No. 6, 2007, pp.40-51, (in Chinese);
※Toward Harmony ㄜㄜ Analysis of the Civil Society in Current China§ Journal of Peking University, No. 4, 2005, pp.105-114, (in Chinese)˙
※The Significance of Establishing a Precedent System, the Path to Having it in China and a Response to ※Questioning 'Case Law' ㄜㄜ A Perspective of Comparative Law§ Law and Social Development No. 6, 2004, pp.98-113, (in Chinese);
※Towards a Precedent System in China ㄜㄜ One Method of Institutionalization of the Rule of Law in China§, Harvard China Review, Vol. V, No.1 Spring 2004, pp. 60-64, (in English);
※A Preliminary Study on Chinese Traditional Ideas from the Viewpoint of the Rule of Law§, Journal of Peking University, No.5, 2003, pp.93-102, (in Chinese);
※On the Methodology of Law and its Application in the Study of the Rule of Law§, Journal of Renmin University, No.3, 2003, pp. 138-145, (in Chinese);
※Touching down Life, Breaking through Taboo: A Way of Thinking of Reflexive Law ㄜㄜ On Law as an Autopoietic System§ Law and Social Development, No. 1, 2003, pp. 13-29, (in Chinese);
※A Comparative Study on Case Law §, Journal on Comparative Legal StudyㄛSeries No.4, 2002, pp. 79-94, (in Chinese);
※Dynamics from Ideal to Realityㄜㄜ The Rule of Law in China§, Social Science in China, Summer 2002, pp. 14-29 (in English);
※Regulating the Judiciary Through Case Law ㄜㄜ A Way to Get Out of Dilemma§,(Sociology of Law) Vol. 57, 2002, pp. 191-199. (In Japanese);
※A Study on the Methods of Legal Reasoning in Judicial Judgments ㄜㄜ the Art of Argumentation§ㄛChinese Legal Sciences, No. 5, 2001, (Serial No.102) pp. 42-53, (in Chinese);
※On Value Consensus of Laws ㄜㄜ a Study on How to Deal with a Paradox of the Process of the Rule of Law in China§ㄛ Law and Social Development No. 5, 2001, pp. 7-23, (in Chinese);
※Academic Spirit of Law Schools§, Law Science Monthly, Vol. 228, No. 11, 2000, pp. 9-10, (in Chinese);
※Double Playing of Formal Rules and Value Judgments ㄜㄜ A Preliminary Study on Methods of Legal Reasoning§ Comparative Law Study (Quarterly ), (Series No.2),2000, pp. 132-145, (in Chinese);
※Succeeding and Surpassing ㄜㄜ a Review on the History of Chinese Legal Theory in the First Half of the 20th Century§ Peking University Law Journal, No. 1, 2000, pp. 70-91, (in Chinese) ;
"Another Way of Judicial Reform: Achieving Justice through Legal Reasoning" CASS Journal of Law Vol. 21, 1999 (Series No.5) pp. 21-27, (in Chinese).

II Books:
Legal Reasoning and Legal InstitutionㄛThe Press of Shandong Renmin, 2003, (in Chinese);
Law as an Autopoietic System (Translation from English, written by GUNTHER TEUBNER), Peking Univ. Press, 2004, (in Chinese).

Activities of International Exchange:
1) Harvard University Law School, Fulbright Scholar on the Methods of Judicial Precedent System in America, Sept. 2010 每 July 2011;
2) Stanford University, Visiting Professor of Overseas Studies, the Stanford Program in Beijing, School of Humanities & Sciences, Sept. 2004﹛每 June 2007;
3) Harvard-Yenching Institute, Harvard, Visiting Scholar on Civility, Cultural Value and Legal Reasoning ㄜㄜ Toward a Civil Society based on the Rule of Law, Aug. 2003 每 June 2004;
4) Yale Law School, Senior Visiting Scholar at the China Law Center, on the Possibility of a Precedent System in China, Jan. 2003 每 July 2003;
5) Hokkaido University, Japan, Visiting Lecturer at Faculty of Law, July 4 每 July 10, 2002; Sept. 23, 2006 每 Sept 29, 2006;
6) Harvard University, Visiting scholar of East Asian Legal Studies at the Law School, Aug. 1995 每 June, 1997;
7) University of Heidelberg, Germany, Research Fellow at Faculty of Law on the Development of EU productive Liability Law, Oct. 1999 每 April 2000;
8) The University of Salzburg, Austria, April 3 每 April 5, 2000, Visiting Lecturer at Faculty of Law;
9) The University of Vienna, Austria, Visiting Lecturer at Sinology Department, June 6 每 10, 2002;
10) Salzburg Seminar, Salzburg, Austria, Freeman Fellow of Session 390
(International Legal Perspective on Human Right) August 1-8,2001;
11) Salzburg Seminar, Salzburg, Participant of Freeman Symposium 2002
(East Asia ㄜㄜ The United States: A Search for Common Values) Austria, June 1st 每 June 5th, 2002;
12) Section Chair, participant, the Symposium of East Asian Jurisprudence, Nanjing, Oct. 2000; Hong Kong, Feb. 2002;
Sapporo, Oct. 2004; Taipei, March 2006;
13) Head of Chinese Delegation, China-US Faculty Exchange Program,
sponsored by the East West Center of the US and the PRC Ministry of Education, June 2005, July 2007;
14) Member of Academic Committee of the Future Leaders' Retreat Program of Nippon Foundation Group Programs, March 2006 to May 2009;
15) Member of Organization Committee and General Coordinator of the 24th Congress of the International Association of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, Beijing, September 15-19, 2009.

Institution affiliation:
1) Vice Secretary-General, Jurisprudence Institute of China Law Society (IVR China), Jan. 1998 每 2006;
2) Board Member, Jurisprudence Institute of China Law Society (IVR China), Jan. 2003 每 Present;
3) Member, China Law Society, May 1986 每 Present.

Professional Honors, awards and fellowships:
※The Award for Excellent Articles§, issued by the Jurisprudence Institute of the China Law Society, January 2003;
※The Honor of Third Class of the Award of Excellent Articles of First for Young and Middle Age Scholars§, sponsored by Chinese Legal Sciences, April 2003;
※The First Class Award on Teaching of Peking University§ (co-author honor), December 2001;
※The Tongshan Award for Excellent Teaching of Peking University§ December 2001;
※The Award for Excellent Research Article§ issued by Law School of Peking University, May 2000;
Freeman Fellow, Salzburg Seminar, Salzburg, Austria, (Session 390, International Legal Perspective on Human Rights) August 1-8, 2001;
Fellow of the EU-China Higher Education Cooperation, University of Heidelberg, Germany, Oct.1999 每 April 2000.

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